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31 December 2027 @ 06:13 pm
this journal is semi- friends only!. Photobucket

(all graphics post will be public but personal posts will be friends only)
graphics come only once every two weeks because i am so lazy.
this journal is 70% fangirling and 30% personal posts.
please leave a comment here and i will add you back~!
[please add me if we have something in common like:]
* arashi
* news
* hey say jump!
* kattun
* JE
* j-pop
* k-pop

please leave your personal info here, like:
name or nickname:
what we have in common:
what name would you like to call [me or what will i call you]:
empty journals are Okay~
that just simple, so let's be friends!

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sorry everyone especially to tina,  you always leave comments on my posts, but i seldom posted comments in your blog.
sorry for that, i really appreciate everything you said.. ^^.
it makes my day~
[i got crazy and made a tego wallie~]
my skills never changed hope i get better in photoshop~

but then, i am proud of myself....
scan credit to brocopi..
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29 June 2009 @ 09:33 am

long time no post~
i am so sad..
i wish my grand dad will be okay soon,

know more...Collapse )
i really wish he will recover soon...                       
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